Sunday, November 28, 2010

geranium x 15

my favourite colours are red, bright pink, orange + coral, they're all found here

I did not tidy and reorganize the headquarters of les Creative Empire yesterday
spontaneously (ha) ... instead I puttered

I made dog cookies
I made chicken chili which I turned into baked enchiladas which were yummy
I washed bedding and hung it outside on the line
I swept and vacuumed - trust me, a very rare event
I changed the sheets on the bed with the help of Oliver + Virgil
I bundled up in down + fleece and walked the village streets with my pack
I listened to the sound of a table saw and a man whistling while he works
I pondered friendship
I drank a delicious mug of hot mulled cider
and I read my book

today I'm hittin' the hq hard - I promise (myself)


  1. well, you was very productive!
    and your flowers are so beautiful!

    have a happy sunday Susan & les Gang!

  2. Damn girl, your day was EXACTLY the opposite of my day. I'm so glad someone got something done.
    (making up for it today)

  3. Susan, your photos. Wow!


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